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BSR Motorsport System Volvo 4WD 3inch Volvo V70 II D5

BSR Motorsport System Volvo 4WD 3inch Volvo V70 II D5


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Volvo V70 II D5 2000 - 2004 4wd, -5/2004

Sports exhaust system for Volvo S60 / V70N year model 2000 to 2008, gasoline turbo

The exhaust system is made ​​entirely of 3 "(76mm) stainless steel and comes with no muffler. The system is intended for Motorsport not for street use. However, you can add silencers and tailpipes optional if desired. The range includes 2 pieces of different full-flow dampers which can be fitted as required. Metal clamps supplied, all attachments are fitted and fits original rubber mountings.

The exhaust system has a very low back pressure and is suitable for cars with very high power output.

Characteristic of the system is also to have a large radius bends and joints are smooth on the inside, in order to reduce back pressure as much as possible.

Benefits of BSR Motorsport System towards welded systems in aluminized steel or carbon steel are:

Soft fine radius

No sharp joints

Less back pressure

Higher power

No welding beard

No rust

Good fit

Tested fasteners


Possibility to use silencers

Better resale value

Motorsport system consists of the following parts:

Pipe after the catalytic converter with flange

Mid pipe

Rear pipe

3x clamp

BSR SportFlow exhaust systems meet the requirements for performance and durability and have several advantages:

- Fits directly into the vehicles original exhaust hangers *)
- Perfect fit, fast and simple installation.*)
- A lower back pressure gives less resistance.
- Exhaust gas is evacuated more efficiently and throttle response is quicker
- Sporty acceleration sound. Sound level inside vehicle hardly changes.
- Enhanced appearance thanks to larger, stainless steel tail pipes.
- Non-corrosive materials, chrome steel and 18/8 stainless steel for long durability.

For turbo vehicles:
- Quicker turbo spool up
- Boost pressure is maintained during longer intervals
- Improved performance during several accelerations
- Less temperature increase during high loads

Catalytic converter, down pipe, flexible parts and pipes in the engine room are not included in the BSR SportFlow kit. See Stage 3 and down pipes for complements.

*) Some exhaust systems and hangers may need modifications and supplements, for example for duplex systems. More information can be found for each system.

BSR Sportflow comes with a three-year general warranty and a extended five-year corrosion warranty.
This extended warranty includes failure due to corrosion that passes 'through' the metal and results in a blow or fracture.

Turbo- down pipe

For some turbo vehicles the BSR 3" sport catalytic converter down pipe is available. This will give further power benefits and higher boost pressure and a wider boost pressure range. The BSR down pipe must be combined with the BSR sport system and BSR Step 3 software.

Regarding RHD vehicles
Generally our parts, such as exhaust systems, frontpipes and Opti Flow-kits are developed for LHD cars. Some of them could also fit RHD cars, but we have no possibilities to test this.

Article number: M40020271

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