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Öhlins Road & Track. Manufacturer product no.: POS MI20S1

Öhlins Road & Track

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Öhlins Road & Track

DFV (Dual Flow Valve)
Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227)
2 year Limited Warranty
TÜV approved

McPherson Strut
Coil Springs (rate 70N/mm)
Height adjuster (approx. 25mm lower than standard)
Single bleed adjuster
Use with original top mounts

Conventional Shock Absorber
Spring preload adjuster
Single bleed adjuster
Coil Springs (rate 120N/mm)
Use with original top mounts

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Mounting Instruction file: Click to download

Öhlins Road & Track is designed to improve the performance and comfort of your car.
With the Öhlins DNA featured everywhere in these products, it’s the must have upgrade for your car. It currently features over 25 applications and more are coming.

Article number: 217POSMI20

Manufacturer product no.: POS MI20S1

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Öhlins Road & Track


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