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THOR Soundbooster. Manufacturer product no.: THOR_KIT1

THOR Soundbooster

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With a Thor soundbooster you get a 100% realistic V8 exhaust sound that is recorded from real V8 engines. The system is suitable for any electric, hybrid and fuel modern car. Via the smart mobile app, you have the option of individual adjustment of the sound profiles, including volume, pops and bangs, dynamic start, etc.

Fits any electric, hybrid and fuel car.
Option for "Pops and Bangs"
Over 20 different sound profiles.
The module can be fitted to all cars from model year 2005 onwards.
The speaker unit is cylindrical and measures 40x12cm.
It is mounted under the rear bumper and cannot be seen.
Free software update of new sound profiles.
Control and adjustment option of sounds from smartphone or from the car's control panel.
Possibility of control via Drive Select.
2 years gurantee.
The sound booster reacts and analyzes via Engine torque, Engine sound and Accelerator position.

pdfInstallation manual
Article number: THOR_KIT1

Manufacturer product no.: THOR_KIT1