Con rods 6pcs BMW 135mm 6cyl M50. Manufacturer product no.: No. 30C-3 (M631-135482202)

Con rods 6pcs BMW 135mm 6cyl M50

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Length C-C: 135mm

Big end:

Ø: 48,0mm 

Width: 21,9mm

Small end:

Ø: 22,02mm 

Width: 21,9mm

Connecting Rod bolt:

Thread: 3/8-24UNC

Engine: M50 6cyl

Set: 6pcs

Supplied without screws.

We recommend using ARP 2000 conrodscrews 3/8x1,5" 

The forged blank should be quenched and tempered with HRC33-38 hardness.
After this process the connecting rod are shot peened.
The Magnaflux-metode is used to ensure that no cracks are allowed in any part.
For the metal macro structure of the connecting rod section,
its fibers should flow along with the central line of the connecting rod
and conform to the appearance.

Material: 40CrNiMoA (4340)
Supplied in sets with weight ratio +/- 1.500gram
The weight printed on the connecting rods is an average weight for the unique set.
These conrods are the same type that was used when we developed 806Hk engine for Koenigsegg.

The rods are H-profile, with same width as original, suitable for very high cylinder pressure / power output.

Price per set.

Article number: M631-135482202

Manufacturer product no.: No. 30C-3 (M631-135482202)