No-Spit Tire Shine 340g

No-Spit Tire Shine 340g

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Dries to a perfect satin shine
Long lasting scent
Repels brake dust and water
Perfect shine every time
Spray on and walk away

Shining Monkey No-Spit Tire Shine is a revolution in tire treatment that gives you an exceptional shine that lasts for weeks not days. Shining Monkey's unique non-oily, non-greasy formula will not spit up on to the car body after it has been applied and is safe for all wheel and tire finishes.

Spray it once for that back to black finish.
Spray a second application for an amazing satin shine.
Spray a third time for that super high gloss shine.

Simply wipe-off any over spray with a dry towel. No wiping required and most importantly no more messy black spots on your paint. Also great for plastic bumpers, side steps, door sills, and wheel wells. Use this on any exterior plastic or rubber parts to get that new look.

Article number: 66S900810