Heat Sleeve Silicone Orange 65mm. Manufacturer product no.: VS-A-65

Heat Sleeve Silicone Orange 65mm

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This heat sleeve is made of woven fiberglass that is coated with a special silicone rubber, which gives this heat sleeve its properties. This heat sleeve manages a temperature of +260 ° C. And under shorter periods of time up to +1000° C.

The material this heat sleeve is made of makes it retain its properties regarding flexibility and ability to protect from heat the whole temperature range.

Inner diameter (mm): 65 mm

Length: (Qty = length in decimeters)

Color: Brick red

Temperature range: -54 to +260 °C, under shorter time + 1000 °C

Material: Silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeve.

Applications: Protects from extreme heat. Thermal and abrasion resistance.

Article number: 522VS-A-65

Manufacturer product no.: VS-A-65