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Fuel pressure regulator prog.

Fuel pressure regulator prog.


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1:1.5 air/fuel
Compatible with E85
2 x INLET/OUTLET connector, 1/8" NPT
1 x RETURN connector, 1/8" NPT
1 x  vacuum/boost connector, 5 mm
 Base pressure ajustable from 1 to 8 bar

Supplied with:
2 x connectors (1/8" NPT to 8 mm) + 1 blanking plug 
1/8" NPT
1 x Bracket for fuel pressure regulator
1 x Fuel hose 8,0mm L=1,0m
1 x connection pipe, plastic 8mm
1x v
acuum hose id Ø5mm  L=0,5m

A progressive "Malpassi" fuel pressure regulator increase the fuel pressure in relation to intake/turbo pressure with approx 20%. This gives approx 5% more fuel through the injectors. This gives the opportunity to increase the turbo pressure with a possible increased power output. Even for a normally aspirated engine there might be a small power increase.

This kit contains:
1x 5630077 Fuel pressure regulator prog.
1x 569000 Bracket for fuel pressure regulator
1x Fuel hose 8,0 mm L=1,0m
1x connection pipe, plastic 8mm
1x Vacuum hose id Ø5mm L=0,5m
Article number: 56300771

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