Downpipe 4” Volvo. Manufacturer product no.: B2BT14

Downpipe 4” Volvo


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BSR Motorsport downpipe 4” whitout catalyst (for motorsport only).

BSR Motorsport downpipe is designed to provide the absolute minimum possible 
exhaust back pressure and maximum performance. The attachment to the turbocharger is designed in a revolutionary new way (design protected by BSR) where the screw connection now is on the inside and thus no longer limits the size of the pipe. BSR Motorsport downpipe is connected with a flange and an band clamp in 5 to the turbo. Which also means that installation is very simple. BSR Motorsport down pipe are made of stainless quality steel tig welded and manufactured in Sweden. The design that almost completely reduces all backpressure require custom software to perform to its maximum. 

Fit Volvo S60 / V70 / C70 2wd from 1999-2008, Only Gasolin Turbo.
Also fits Volvo 850 / C70 2wd from 1994 by switching to the angled exhaust turbo housing, Only Gasolin Turbo

Modification is required for adaptation to the exhaust system.

Comes complete with:
1st Down pipe 4” whitout catalyst
1st Flange against the turbo
1st Band clamp 5”

Engine optimization may be required with this product.

This kit contains:
1x Downpipe 4"
1x Turbo Flange
1x V-Band 5"
Article number: M4108750

Manufacturer product no.: B2BT14