Downpipe 3"

Downpipe 3"


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BSR race downpipe advantages

•  Increased performance and improved exhaust flow.

•  More torque and improved direct response.

•  All components are developed and controlled by BSR.

•  3” Race downpipe in stainless steel with original attachment points.

•  High quality fitting.

•  Designed for easy mounting.

•  200 cell metal race catalytic converter. Improved exhaust flow and very good vibration and heat resistance.

•  Stainless bellows with outer braid only.

•  3 Lambda sockets. 2 sockets before the catalytic converter and 1 socket after.

•  Turbo flange made in 10mm construction steal.

•  Copper-treated mechanical locking nuts.

•  Stainless steel band clamp.

•  Front bracket for easy installation.

•  Connection pipe for BSR SportFlow exhaust system.

•  BSR software is recommended.

•  Suitable for racing as well.

•  Made in Sweden

Fits BSR Sportflow.
Requires modification to fit other exhaust systems.

Engine optimization may be required with this product.

This kit contains:
1x 41708010Band brace 3”
1x Downpipe 3"
1x Connection pipe A3 Q 2.0TFSI 2005-
1x 4170202Lambda plug M18
Article number: 4104301