BigPack Intercooler + Pressure Pipes. Manufacturer product no.: BIG-250-SS

BigPack Intercooler + Pressure Pipes


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BigPack configurations for the BMW M2 / M3 / M4 F8X. These are complete packages for the charge air cooling system with drop-in-fitment!

The S55 turbo engine that powers the BMW M2C / M3 / M4 F8X uses a Top mounted water-cooled intercooler instead of an “regular” air-cooled intercooler. The stock top mounted intercooler has a Tube&Fin core with clamped plastic end tanks. This construction has its drawbacks since it is prone to crack and start leaking coolant into engine or leaking boost pressure out of the tank sealings.

The coolant in this system has its own separate cooling circuit combined of two parallel connected radiators and a pump. The larger one of these two parallel connected radiators is positioned in the front of the center cooling pack, the second smaller one is located in front of the right-side wheel arch.

These cars are equipped with plastic intercooler pipes on both the hot and cold side. These pipes are a week link on any tuned car or in some cases even on a stock tune. The OE plastic pipes often crack / split leaving you with a boost leak.

The performance intercooler helps your engine to make more power both by lowering the intake air temperature and lowering the pressure drop! It is a bar and plate unit with 3D freeform designed end tanks TIG welded to the core. It has a core volume 85% larger than stock intercooler and outperforms the stock unit both when it comes to air flow and cooling efficiency. 16% better flow and 9°C lower IAT, so with both better flow and lower IAT this is a true upgrade!

The intercooler piping, both the ones that goes from the turbochargers to the intercooler and the one that goes from intercooler to throttle body is designed to add durability and at the same time improve air flow. It is not easy to improve both reliability and improve air flow as the stock pipes flows well. With software flow simulation and physical flow verification abilities improvements this has been done on these pipes.

Turbo to intercooler pipes
Intercooler to throttle body pipe (J-pipe)
Front mounted (Large) intercooler system radiator
Side mounted (Small) intercooler system radiator

Article number: 522BIG-250-SS

Manufacturer product no.: BIG-250-SS