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Its a nice and quite ok engine that does its job good in factory settings. However, considering what you might expect from a machine of this size, it does not live up to the expectations. With the stage 1 software the engine character changes dramatically and the engine shows it true soul. It becomes obvious that it was built for greater output as it transforms into a race car. The numbers speaks for itself but the feeling is – what performance!

Tuning result:



Power chart:

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The webshop expands every day when it comes to spare parts and tuning as well as our own merchandise. Lately we have added Sunglasses, a rechargeable air pump and stickers to our range. Check them out:


Rechargeable air pump 


We did it! After a long period of hard work our engineers managed to tune Volvos V90 D5 with results we did not dare to hope for. The measurements and the result compilation is in progress but official values are not set just yet. However, there is no doubt that this breakthrough will open up for development of tuning kits for all models in the 90 series. Keep yourself updated on the progress by following BSR on Facebook and Instagram. 

Yeeha! 10000 likes on facebook and 1100 followers on instagram means cake time at the head office! Thank you all! Now we head with full throttle towards 100000!

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We continue to expand and by launching a new product category, spare parts for standard cars, we evolve our business into a new market and create a new segment in BSR´s portfolio. We will celebrate this by giving 30% off on our whole spare parts range during March.

Our speed enthusiast customers have for some time requested a solution that include parts for their everyday car as well, so we are proud to announce a range for standard vehicles. This is the beginning of a journey where we so far have integrated more than 7000 parts covering hundreds of thousands of car variants.

The webshop has been redesigned and made more user-friendly to create a nice shopping experience where the site, through your license plate number (swedish license plate numbers only), finds the right spare parts for you. However, if any uncertainties arises our experts are available through the new live chat direct at the website.

At the start of the launch the range will be dominated by parts for cars common on the nordic roads such as Volvo, Saab and VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat). However, we are not satisfied with this. The range will continue to grow day by day with the aim of creating a complete range covering as many cars as possible. In our strive, to make it easy for car owners to take care of their cars, the project has taken almost a year and required significant resources. However, we now push the throttle going at full speed. Join us on the journey!      

The wait is over – our engineers has completed the solution for Volvos new VEA engines. We are now offering tuning kits for most of the new Volvo´s (from 2015 and onwards), no matter the type of fuel. The total power increase for the T2, T3 and T4 engine is 236 hp, a total of more than 100 extra horsepowers for the T2 engine.

As on the diesel cars, the petrol variants share the same solid and oversized construction making them particularly well designed to handle the power increase that has been developed. As always, all of our tuning kits are custom made for the specific engine option, power train and chassis, so that nothing is challenged in the build or that any unsustainable wear is caused due to the increased power output. All information about the tuning kits are available at the site. 


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