Guide - Colour system EBC brake pads


One of the best and most affordable standard brake pad. The linings are fitted with 'Brake-In coating' that grinds the disc and evidence against each other for optimal contact. Eco friendly and has no heavy metals as copper, zinc, nickel or lead.


For road use. Perfect grip up to 650°C. The latest version of Greenstuff brake pads are a deliberately softer compound to improve pedal feel on lighter cars at lower speeds. This resulted in a medium dust material with good lifetime and minimal rotor wear.


Ceramic brake pads suitable for high-performance cars on the road. Perfect grip up to 750°C. Redstuff ceramic brake pads have always been known for its low dust ability but the latest blend has greatly reduced the this and reduced dust even further.


For circuit racing and rallying. Perfect grip up to 900°C. A true performance pad that also has a good manner on the street.


Completely new evidence for racing and customized for track days. New deep "V" groove in the contact surface for catching dirt, debris and dust and help with ventilation. Perfect grip up to 1000°C.


For endurance racing. Perfect grip up to 900°C. Only suitable for use in competition.


EBC Racings’ RP-1/RP-X compound is an ultra-high performance track and race pad designed for high performance vehicles driven hard on track. RP-1/RP-X has a very stable friction coefficient at higher temperatures, making it an excellent performer for even the most demanding vehicle applications.

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