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Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs

From: €125

Carbon Fibre Sleeving (Sewn)


Eibach Pro-Spacer Black

From: €53

Steering Wheel R325 Suede


BSR Car mat


BSR Trunk mat


Slip-On Line, Titanium with carbon fibre tailpipe


Optiflow Filter System

From: €107

Starter Motor Protection durability cover




Con rods 4pcs Volvo 152mm

From: €171

Öhlins Road & Track


Downpipe 3"

From: €539

LITE↯BLOX LB14XX high performance accumulator GEN4


Blow-Off Valve Plumb Back 32mm – Blue


Performance brakes

From: €40

Sparco SH-17


Eibach B12 Pro-Kit Suspension kit

From: €761

Foliatec Tyre Spray Magic Green


Garmin Dash Cam 66W


Sparco 6 Point Harness 3” Alu


AN Hose Fittings

From: €5

SportFlow Duplex

From: €311

Sparco Kid Seat SK500I


do88 BigPack, Red


Sparco Kid Seat F1000KI


Rechargeable Air Pump with Powerbank


Camper 780


Gold Velcro Heat Sleeving


Sparco Bag Travel Martini Racing


SAAB 9-3 2.0T 2007- Coolant hoses oil cooler Blue


Sparco SL-17 Martini Racing


SV8.5-8 Osram LEDriving




Brake discs EBC Racing


BSR T-Shirt


Dual Layer Barrier Heat Shield sheeting


Carbon Fiber Tube Ø80mm L=80mm (2pcs)


Armor All Shield for Wheels 300ml


Slip-On Line, Titanium with carbon fibre tailpipe


Powerbank / flashlight


Volvo S60 V60 V70 2.0T / T5 2010-2013 Pressure hoses Black


Sparco Bag Stage


Unitire, tire pressure gauge IR, Black


Steering Wheel Boss, Quick Release Formula


Dasty Degreaser Classic 1L




Aluminum pipe 90° 35x2,5 mm, short radius


Aluminium pipe 76x3 mm, length 500 mm


Sparco SL-17


Funk Motorsport T2 Turbo Blanket Jacket


So, how do I tune my car?

  • When you have found the right tuning kit for your car, review your selection, and place your order right on our website.

  • In most cases, you can tune the car yourself, using our PPC device (Portable Program Carrier) that we send directly to you. The PPC device can be easily plugged into your car’s diagnostic port, and with a few clicks of the buttons, your car is tuned. However in some cases, you might have to take your car into a BSR dealership to have us install your tuning kit, in one of our many distributors.

BSR PPC3 tuning

How do I find products for just my car?

  • Go into the respective product category, and use the car selection tool there.

  • If you have used this tool previously, your car selection will remain saved, regardless if you surf the rest of the BSR site. If you wish to reset your car choice filter, click on the cross (delete filter) in the car selection tool, or choose a new search.

BSR webshop

BSR in short

  • More than 2 decades of experience in professional racing and race engine development.

  • One of the global key players in car tuning with over 100 distributors in over 20 countries.

  • All product innovation and development is conducted by our own in-house engineering team in our test lab at our headquarters in Växjö, Sweden.

  • All cars that we develop tuning for are tested individually with a “rototest” and by way of our talented professional test drivers.

  • Each tuning tool is uniquely developed for just that engine that it is meant for, and no other system (trip computer, traction control, torque converters, service intervals) is affected.

  • Machine and tuning guarantee

  • The company is powered by highly knowledgeable motor technicians and enthusiasts with many years of experience of racetracks all over Europe.

  • BSR’s unique PPC device (Portable Programme Carrier) is exclusively available from us. This handheld computing device makes it possible for you the customer to easily tune your car yourself, and reset the car’s original settings.

  • BSR has broken the world record in speed for the production cars, developed the world’s first ethanol-powered WRC rally car, and for the first time in world history, converted a diesel car to an ethanol-powered one.