AN Hose fittings

AN Hose fittings

BSR AN hose fittings are of the absolute highest quality and are manufactured in aircraft standard aluminum, a high quality aluminum, which is known to be extremely strong yet easy to process and to weld. They have a larger inner diameter than standard fittings to provide a better flow. The advanced manufacturing process, in which the bends are made in a single piece (as opposed to simpler couplings, which are welded, soldered or glued) allows for a larger inner diameter. The bends are of full flow, as in, made without constriction, and the swivel connections are sealed with a real Viton seal that makes it extremely tight and smooth to turn.

AN Hose Fitting Straight slangkoppling_rak

AN Hose Fitting Straight

Article number: 64003694

AN Hose Fitting 45° Slangkoppling 45°

AN Hose Fitting 45°

Article number: 64009688

AN Hose Fitting 60° Slangkoppling 60°

AN Hose Fitting 60°

Article number: 64009689

AN Hose Fitting 90° Slangkoppling_90°

AN Hose Fitting 90°

Article number: 64003687

AN Hose Fitting 180° hose_fitting_180°

AN Hose Fitting 180°

Article number: 64003688

AN Hose Fitting Forged 90° slangkoppling_smidd_90°

AN Hose Fitting Forged 90°

Article number: 64003695

AN Crimp Bend Fitting Straight slangkoppling_krymp_rak

AN Crimp Bend Fitting Straight

Article number: 64003693

AN Crimp Bend Fitting 90° slangkoppling_krymp_90°

AN Crimp Bend Fitting 90°

Article number: 64003692

AN Hard Tube Fitting Straight rörkoppling_rak

AN Hard Tube Fitting Straight

Article number: 64003685

AN Flare Tees t_kors

AN Flare Tees

Article number: 64003691

AN Flare Bulkhead Genomföring_Rak

AN Flare Bulkhead

Article number: 64003675

AN Fuel Cell Fitting Tankgenomföring

AN Fuel Cell Fitting

Article number: 64003674

AN Adapter (M-thread) an_adapter_m_thread

AN Adapter (M-thread)

Article number: 64003684

AN Adapter (NPT) AN_Adapter_(NPT)

AN Adapter (NPT)

Article number: 64003672

Flare Union AN Flare Union AN

Flare Union AN

Article number: 64009913

AN Sensor Fitting Givaradapter

AN Sensor Fitting

Article number: 64003676

AN Banjo Fitting Banjonippel

AN Banjo Fitting

Article number: 64003677

Banjo Bolt Banjobult

Banjo Bolt

Article number: 64003680

AN Flare Caps Plugg Hona

AN Flare Caps

Article number: 64009911

AN Flare Plug Flare Plug

AN Flare Plug

Article number: 64009912

Hose Finisher Hose Finisher

Hose Finisher

Article number: 64009914

AN Weld Fitting weld_fittings

AN Weld Fitting

Article number: 15003670

Bulkhead Nut Genomföringsmutter

Bulkhead Nut

Article number: 64003682

Replacement PTFE Washer Tätningsbricka_PTFE

Replacement PTFE Washer

Article number: 64003673

Flare Filter koniskt_filter

Flare Filter

Article number: 64003683

Clamp Fäste


Article number: 64003679

Braided Hose Rubber Stålomspunnen Gummislang

Braided Hose Rubber

Article number: 64003678

Braided PTFE Hose stalomspunnen_ptfe_slang

Braided PTFE Hose

Article number: 64003689

Braided Hose Nylon braided_hose_nylon

Braided Hose Nylon

Article number: 64003690

Fuel Line Alu Bränslerör_Alu

Fuel Line Alu

Lenght: 1-7m
Article number: 64003681

Fuel Line Alu Fuel Line Alu 7.6

Fuel Line Alu

7,6m coil
Article number: 64009915

Tools Verktyg


Article number: 64003686