AN Crimp Bend Fitting Straight. Manufacturer product no.: slangkoppling_krymp_rak

AN Crimp Bend Fitting Straight


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AN crimp bend fittings for nylon braided hose.
Color: Black/Silver

BSR Hose fittings of the highest quality. The difference from standard hose fittings are:

Made of aircraft grade aluminum 6061 T6.
A high quality aluminum, which is known to be extremely strong yet easy to machine and weld.

Larger inner diameter than standard fittings. The advanced manufacturing where even the bends are made in a single piece (as opposed to simpler couplings where these are welded, soldered or glued), this make the inner diameter larger.

The bends is also the full-flow type without constrictions.

The swivel is sealed with a real Viton seal, making it extremely dense and smooth turning.

The nuts has a locking pin in stainless steel.

Manufacturer product no.: slangkoppling_krymp_rak