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Tuning Mercedes Sprinter W906 214 CDi 143Hp 2016-2018

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+ 64 HP






+ 151 NM

Power chart

Fits all powertrain variants
(e.g.: 2WD, 4WD, man, aut etc)

For cars with OM651.958 engine.

When you buy a PPC tuning kit you have the choice to either buy your own PPC device or use a loaner (Basic) that you return. The advantage of buying your own PPC device is that you have the assurance that you can always reset to the original settings, and that you will always be updated with the latest software. If your service station sets your car back to the original settings, you can simply load the tuning kit again. Those of you who already own a PPC 3 device can transfer it over to another car, and only pay for the software of the new tuning kit. This is a very economical option if you, for example, sell your car and want your new car tuned. You make the transfer yourself, quickly and easily, directly on our homepage via your own login site. As soon as the transfer is complete, the support for your old car is canceled.
Get in touch with support and we’ll send you new login details!
As PPC customer, you will continually receive software updates at no cost as long as you have a valid Tuning warranty. The updates come out when, for example, an automobile manufacturer modifies the original software, or makes general improvements. You will be notified by email.

When you want to upgrade your software to Stage 1+ you go to your PPC-site and if you want to upgrade to Stage 3/4 you write in our support .

We will then send you a link for payment via e-mail and when it is paid we change it to the software of your choice.
After this you synchronize your PPC unit with PPC sync to download the software and then program it to your car.

Price list PPC

Stage 1 to Stage 3 / Stage E85          2500 SEK
Stage 1 to Stage 1+                            2500 SEK
Stage 3 to Stage 1                              500 SEK
Stage 1/3 to Stage 4/5                        Contact our support 

When you upgrade to a tuningstage that includes hardware upgrades (e.g. Stage 3,4,5) we recommend that you install the parts that are in the black box under the tuningstage in our website.

Download PPC Sync here 

Start by connecting your PPC unit to your car and follow the on-display instructions.

After doing a read of your car's software, it will ask you to connect the PPC to your computer to synchronize with PPC Sync. (The PPC sync program can be found on your PPC-page)

After the synchronization, the new software will have been downloaded to your PPC and after this you connect the PPC to the car to tune.

If you have software that we do not currently have on our server, it will take 1-5 days before you can download it via PPC Sync. You will then receive an e-mail when it's ready for downloading.

Make sure that the kay is in the last position before starting.

Make sure that the "Check engine" light is lit up. The "Check engine" light is also called engine lamp or CEL.

Connect a battery charger to the battery of your car if this hasn't been done already.

If the problem persists, please contact BSR support.

If you're using Windows 7: Follow the instructions for PPC3

If you are using Windows 8, 10 or 11:

Because of USB driver errors, a verification of drivers has to be de-activated. Follow the instructions in this video on how to do this:

Follow then the instructions in this document:

The only difference from the normal procedure is that you have to manually choose the USB driver wherever it is saved on your computer.

If synchronization stops before reaching 15% the error comes from a local problem. Try the following:

Make sure that your internet connection is stable.

Start PPC sync as an administrator. (Right-click on the PPC3 Sync icon -> Run as administrator)

Change USB port and USB cable.

Turn of anti-virus programs and firewalls which are active on your computer.

Re-boot your router and/or modem.

Install PPC3 sync on another computer and synchronize it through that one.

If you have Windows 10/11, try turning off core isolation/ memory integrity.

Please return to BSR support you still cannot synchronize.

Please synchronize your PPC, and answer the following questions when you contact BSR support:

Is the battery charger connected to your battery?

Did you interrupt the programming in any way? For instance turning off the ignintion or pulled out the cable?

Yes, but only PPC3 can do a Change car.

Make sure that you receive the login details from the seller if you are going to buy or have bought a used PPC-unit. When you have your PPC-unit, you have to log in with the credentials you got from the seller on the PPC-page, change customer information, and then do a "Change car" since the PPC-unit is locked to the previous car. When you do a "Change car" you have to buy new software which fits your car.

This can happen because of a number of different reasons, for instance, low battery voltage, defective fuses and incorrect ignintion position. Contact BSR support and we will hlp you.


Choose PPC alternative:


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Change car

Change car

If you already have a PPC

Tuning kit contains:

BSR Performance Software BSR Performance Software
BSR Badge BSR Badge
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