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Enkel trimning med BSR PPC 3


  •   With our unique PPC 3, you can easily tune your car, without even popping your hood. This handheld computing device can be plugged in directly to your car’s diagnostic port. With a few simple clicks, and in just a few minutes, your car is tuned. You can restore your car’s original settings just as quickly.

  • The PPC is easy to use, and has an intuitive interface with an ergonomic and sleek design.

  • With the PPC and the program it comes with (PPC Sync), you always have acccess to the latest software for your car.   

Transfer the PPC to another car

  •  Those of you who already own a PPC 3 device can transfer it over to another car, and only pay for the software of the new tuning kit. This is a very economical option if you, for example, sell your car and want your new car tuned. You make the transfer yourself, quickly and easily, directly on our homepage via your own login site. As soon as the transfer is complete, the support for your old car is canceled.  

Buy or Borrow a PPC  

  •   When you buy a PPC tuning kit, you can either buy it outright, or use a borrowed one that you send back afterwards.

  • The advantage of buying your own PPC is the assurance that you can always reset to the original settings, as well as continual access and notification about the latest software upgrade.

  • If your service shop resets your car to its original settings, you can easily install the tuning again.