Tuning Seat Leon 2.0TSI 190hp DSG 2017-2020

Testdrivers comment :

A fun car with fast throttle response that even as original is entertaining driving in the city. What it lacks with stock software is power and torque all over the power index as the engine feels tame and held back in highway speeds. With BSR's optimization, the car gets completely new energy. The rapid feeling in the urban environment has now been further reinforced, but what is particularly notable is that the car now pulls very nicely at highway speeds as well. The torque is well needed as the engine is less strained and downshifts feels redundant. With its fine road characteristics and excellent gearbox it has now shown its true potential with our optimization. BSR likes!

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+ 84 HP






+ 98 NM

Power chart

Avg power increase 2100-6000rpm: 51.5Hp 30.4%

* Tested on a similar car model equipped with same engine.

Doesn't fit manual gearbox

For cars with DKZA engine.

Tuning is performed the same day you visit a Premium dealer or Premium Service Center.

DSG optimization included.

When you buy a PPC tuning kit you have the choice to either buy your own PPC device or use a loaner (Basic) that you return. The advantage of buying your own PPC device is that you have the assurance that you can always reset to the original settings, and that you will always be updated with the latest software. If your service station sets your car back to the original settings, you can simply load the tuning kit again. Those of you who already own a PPC 3 device can transfer it over to another car, and only pay for the software of the new tuning kit. This is a very economical option if you, for example, sell your car and want your new car tuned. You make the transfer yourself, quickly and easily, directly on our homepage via your own login site. As soon as the transfer is complete, the support for your old car is canceled.
Get in touch with support and we’ll send you new login details!
As PPC customer, you will continually receive software updates at no cost as long as you have a valid Tuning warranty. The updates come out when, for example, an automobile manufacturer modifies the original software, or makes general improvements. You will be notified by email.

When you want to upgrade your software to Stage 1+ you go to your PPC-site and if you want to upgrade to Stage 3/4 you write in our support .

We will then send you a link for payment via e-mail and when it is paid we change it to the software of your choice.
After this you synchronize your PPC unit with PPC sync to download the software and then program it to your car.

Price list PPC

Stage 1 to Stage 3 / Stage E85          1500 SEK
Stage 1 to Stage 1+                            2500 SEK
Stage 3 to Stage 1                              500 SEK
Stage 1/3 to Stage 4/5                        Contact our support 

When you upgrade to a tuningstage that includes hardware upgrades (e.g. Stage 3,4,5) we recommend that you install the parts that are in the black box under the tuningstage in our website.

Download PPC Sync here 

Tuning kit contains:

BSR Performance Software BSR Performance Software
BSR Badge BSR Badge
Free freight when order over 2.000:- (within Sweden)
Fast deliveries
Safe payment methods