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Why choose BSR?


With more than 2 decades of professional racing experience, and engine development, we have just the right know-how to inject a bit of speed into your life. We are experts who enjoy transferring our experience from the racetrack to your car, so that you get more out of your driving. In our test lab, deep in the forests of Småland, our engineers are hard at work developing Tomorrow’s products to maximize your engine to world class quality, tailored to your car.

Each and every product that we develop for your engine, is tested both on the road and individually. Each undergoes the so-called Rototest to ensure the precise effect before and after tuning. We guarantee that nothing other than the car's performance is affected. Onboard computer, traction control, calculations of service intervals, torque limitations in the transmission and other settings are not affected when you tune your car with one of our products. That's why our tuning kits come with a machinery warranty.

When you choose BSR, you can feel safe knowing that you are guaranteed a product that is of the highest quality and specially developed for your car by the pros.

  • More than two decades experience both in professional racing and in the development of race engines.

  • One of the global key players in car tuning with over 100 distributors in over 20 countries.

  • All product innovation and development is conducted by our own in-house engineering team in our test lab at our headquarters in Växjö, Sweden.

  • All cars that we develop tuning for are tested individually with a “rototest” and by way of our talented professional test drivers.

  • Each tuning tool is uniquely developed for just that engine that it is meant for, and no other system (trip computer, traction control, torque converters, service intervals) is affected.

  • Machine and tuning guarantee

  • The company is powered by highly knowledgeable motor technicians and enthusiasts with many years of experience of racetracks all over Europe.

  • BSR’s unique PPC device (Portable Programme Carrier) is exclusively available from us. This handheld computing device makes it possible for you the customer to easily tune your car yourself, and reset the car’s original settings.

  • BSR has broken the world record in speed for the production cars, developed the world’s first ethanol-powered WRC rally car, and for the first time in world history, converted a diesel car to an ethanol-powered one.