Rally car E85

First ethanol powered rally car Gr A in the world

2003: BSR has during the years got a lot of experience of how ethanol fuel works in an Otto engine. BSR develops the first ethanol powered rally car Gr A in the world. The goal is to build a competitive rally car according to the Gr A regulations.

BSR and Robin Sandberg amaze everyone by winning the Super cup 2005 with a 2WD Saab 9-3, powered by the environmentally friendly fuel E85. The engine is a standard Saab engine with its complex control system Trionic 7. The standard engine achieves 205Hp, but with BSR’s race tuning kit the engine achieves over 300Hp despite that the regulations demand a 34mm restrictor. BSR's technicians also develop a unique response system that makes the engine react extremely quick when stepping on the gas.

Because of BSR’s and Robin Sandberg’s easy victories the Swedish Car Sport Association is considering reducing the engine power by altering the regulations.