The world's first diesel car converted to the environment friendly fuel ethanol is exhibited at the Malmö Motor Show.

BSR has optimised a diesel powered Saab 9-3 for the fuel E95 (95% ethanol). The result is reduced fuel consumption, high performance and minimized exhaust emissions.

This project is carried out together with SEKAB in Örnsköldsvik, a producer and distributor of Bioethanol, and with the EU project BEST (Bioethanol for Sustainable Transport).
One of BSR’s retail dealers, JMB Optimering (Magnus Jaasund), is contributing to the project and is responsible for some of the engine related solutions.

Technical facts:

Saab 9-3 with an original Saab diesel engine, where combustion chamber, fuel system and engine software have been modified. 

 - Max power 195 h.p., torque 410 Nm 
 - Low fuel consumption, road tests show approx. 5 lit/100 km 
 - 95 % less fossil CO2, minimal dangerous hydrocarbons and nitric oxide exhaust emission and basically complete elimination of particle emission. 

BSR has worked with ethanol conversions since 1997 and has influenced the authorities to change the legislation, soon making it legal to convert vehicles to alternative fuels. This legislation change will take effect from 1 July this year.

In 2003 BSR converted the first rally car to E85. This vehicle has reached iconic status is the rally circuits, where basically the entire Swedish rally elite used E85 powered vehicles.

BSR is now trying to show the possibilities to use ethanol as a fuel for diesel vehicles as well.

Get press pictures of the car here: