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Ethanol conversion

 BSR is the only manufacturer to offer authorized conversion kits for Ethanol (E85) that meets Swedish legal standards. Our approved conversion kits give you the unique opportunity to get your car registered as an environmentally safe vehicle during your annual vehicle inspection. Once you have done this you will receive a bunch of eco car owner benefits.


 Advantages of an EcoCar(sweden)

  •   Free parking in numerous municipalities

  • Lower vehicular taxes

  • 20% discount on company cars

  •   Increased performance and awesome driving with E85

  • The freedom of choice at the pump - either gas OR E85. The economic edge you get is that ethanol E85 is 30% lower than the price of gas.
  • BSR assumes the exhaust warranty under current legislation.
  • The car's regular machinery damage insurance is eligible for numerous insurance companies.
  • BSR's flexfuel software is easy to install with PPC technology, without the need for specialist know-how.
  • Fossil fuel emissions like carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) are reduced by approximately 70%.
  • Emissions of hazardous hydrocarbons (HC) and acidifying nitrogen oxides (NOx) cut in half.

Other conversion kits

 In addition to the approved conversion kits mentioned above, BSR also offers even standard E85 conversions to many other car models. With these conversions, your car can run on any mixture of E85 and gasoline while providing a serious increase in both your car’s performance and awesomeness to drive . Check out our tuning kits to find the right product for your car!

Background on the approved conversion kits
BSR is the only company in Sweden that can offer approved conversion kits that meet the new national regulations that took effect July 1, 2008. Thanks only to our longstanding and tenacious commitment that we have managed to reach this goal. Our projects with ethanol date back to 1997.

Enivronmental Milestones
It all started when BSR ethanol-converted the Volvo 940 driven by Växjö City’s then-head of environmental policy, Malte Sandberg. The project received considerable attention in the press, and people began to seriously consider the idea of running on alternative fuels. Later, when the then- Prime Minister Göran Persson (S) test drove the car, a debate was ignited about whether it was legal or not to convert to green fuel. It grew into a long and drawn out investigation on the official legislated policy about converting to

alternative fuels. During this time, the BSR became a key industry advisor, with referrals even coming from the the national Roads and Transportation authorities. The result of all of this work led to a change in legislation, and that the BSR can offer customers an approved legal ethanol conversion.

At the same time these regulations and legislation were being worked out, BSR simultaneously conducted a number of other projects with ethanol.

  • 2003: BSR develops world's first ethanol-powered WRC rally car, a Saab 9-3 with 300hp driven by Robin Sandbeg. Robin went on to win the Super Cup in 2005. One of the results of this win was that virtually the entire Swedish Rally Elite started to run on E85. BSR also developed the world's first E95-powered diesel car. The project was kickstarted in cooperation with SEKAB, a producer of bioethanol and the EU project BEST (Bioethanol for Sustainable Transport). The aim was to demonstrate the ability to drive with low fuel consumption, high performance and minimal exhaust emissions.

  • In 2012, started a collaboration with petrol station chain St1, during which BSR did an ethanol conversion on a Toyota Prius and installed a function in which the car could be recharged whilst parked. The goal with this cooperation was to demonstrate the added benefits ethanol conversion could bring to an already environmentally friendly car.

  • Thanks to our BSR’s continuous engagement concerning environmental policy, through the years we have earned many distinctions:

    • Clean Tech företag (Dagens Miljö)

    • Clean Tech Company

    • Årets företagare 2007 (Växjö Kommun)

    • Company of the year 2007

    • Svenska Bilsportförbundets Miljöpris 2008

    • Swedish Sportscars Federation’s Environmental Prize 2008

    • Grönt föredöme (Gröna Bilister 2008).

    • Green Role Model

High standards to be approved
Behind every conversion kit is a long history of extensive research and development. The regulations concerning this practice places high standands on both the conversion product and the company that develops and manufactures it. According to the regulations, the following stages must be completed:

  • Emission tests (hazardous gas emissions) are conducted with a testing method called NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) that includes both an urban driving test and a heightened urban driving test under more aggressive conditions.

  • The conversion shall meet the same requirements both when the car was new and then in its current state, and both powered by gasoline and E85 - if the car has a flex-fuel conversion. The regulated emissions are CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbons) and NOx (nitrogen oxides).

  • OBD test - Diagnostics need to work even with the conversion.

  • Efficiency Test- Regulations permit only an increased peak power by 5%.

  • Sustainability certification: The company carrying out the conversion must certify that the car’s components can withstand E85.

  • Quality and Production Inspection - BSR has undergone this inspection, and is approved as a company to carry out conversions.

  • Production Control- Every single conversion must undergo follow-up tests.