About the company

Here are some things about our company that we think are very good, and also necessary to ensure that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.

  • We develop all softwares by ourselves in the house
  • We show you power and torque figures both before and after tuning
  • We show you acceleration figures both before and after tuning
  • We show you powercharts
  • We have BSR Service Centers offering help with more demanding mechanical work
  • We offer a professional and quick support


How it all started 
The BSR history actually started in the early 1990’s, when Stefan Olsson, today half owner and Technical Manager, started developing tuning programs for Volvo 740’s and 940’s. Many of the tunings kits were sold to German and Swedish companies. In 1996 Rolf Linde, a business man who owned companies selling rally and racing products since the 70´s, joined him and a new company was a reality, BSR Sportsman AB. 

 In 2000 the company changed the name to BSR Svenska AB (BSR Sweden Ltd). The product range now also covered Saab and VAG group cars. The company started to grow and more people were employed. 

 Stefan had a “dream product” in mind and together with his technicians he started to develop the PPC® Tuning System.

PPC® Tuning System
PPC - Portable Program Carrier is a unique hand-held tuning system developed by BSR. The technology allows the car’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to be reprogrammed with the tuning software of your choice, without any mechanical modifications. Another advantage of the PPC is the fact that it is very simple to return to the original/default settings. The customer will also be able to update the tuning program via the Internet, free of charge. The BSR web data base stocks over 2100 tuning programs (April 2009) for different car models. 

 In 2003 the PPC® Tuning System was launched at the Stockholm Motor Show. The market was excited about this new product and the sales figures started to sky rocket. The export business now included Scandinavia as well as many countries in Europe.

BSR Development centre 
In 2006 BSR moved into their new 1800m² facilities. An investment in new technical equipment, RotoTest Dyno testers, as well as employing new technicians has moved the company to the top class level of tuning business worldwide. In January 2008 there are 22 people working at BSR Svenska AB in Växjö, Sweden. Turnover 2007 was app. SEK 33 400 000 (app. Euro. 3 500 000 or $ 5 400 000.) 

BSR World wide distribution
Together with the Swedish Trade Council BSR has started to invest in business activities worldwide. In 2008 the markets in USA and Italy will be examined and distribution centres will be constructed. Other interesting areas are Asia, North America and Australia. The Distributor/Dealer group is expanding continuously, and now, in May 2008, BSR has over 100 dealers in 20 different countries worldwide. 

Environmental engagement 
Rolf Linde is very interested in environmental issues and in 1997 BSR converted their first petrol car to be driven on Ethanol alcohol, E85. The Swedish government was interested and in 2004 they gave the Swedish Road ministry the mission to create legislation for converting cars to E85. BSR was asked to act as referral body and have since then developed conversion kits for private customer cars as well as for car importers. BSR is also involved in the EU project BEST (Bio Ethanol for Sustainable Transports). 

 In March 2008 BSR presented the first Diesel car powered by Ethanol E95. 

 BSR is the first company to be noticed and studied in a series of articles as a CLEAN TECH company, published by the magazine and web site Dagens Miljö (“Today´s Environment”). 

Other BSR Products 
BSR Sportflow exhaust systems, BSR 3” Down pipes with EU approved catalytic converters and BSR Opti-flow filters are other products in the BSR product range. 

The World Records 
The first WRC rally car powered by Ethanol E85 was released in 2003. 

 In 2004 and 2005 BSR developed the engine management system for the world’s strongest engine in a serial production car; Koenigsegg CC8S with 655hp and Koenigsegg CCR with 806hp. BSR also broke the old record of speed; on Nardo circuit in Italy the Koenigsegg drove 388km/h. 

 Two years in a row, 2005 & 2006, BSR was named one of the Super Companies in Sweden by the Swedish financial magazine “Veckans Affärer”.