Distributor of Eibach

BSR - Swedish distributor of Eibach

BSR are facing an expansive future in terms of product range on the car side. As part of the expansion, BSR has chosen to take the responsibility of the distribution of Eibach suspension products on the Swedish market. BSR will, by this, be able to supply most cars with suspension products of absolute top quality. In the first step of launching almost two thousand three hundred articles will cover over sixteen thousand car variants.

Eibach, established in the 1950s, is a family run, German, global corporation, well established as one of the world's leading manufacturer of suspension products. Thru the years they have had great success in the world of racing in Formula 1, WRC, DTM series among others. The engineers, in the development lab, in the village Finnentrop, put great importance to develop complex products that act in a natural way together with the chassi and the car's design. Important for Eibach is to maximise the lowering of the car without compromising on either the cars function or comfort.

"After extensive evaluation, we chosed Eibach because they, like BSR, have quality and performance as the main cornerstones of their development. Our suppliers have be focused in these areas because we are. Also, their products are fun to use because you get such a distinct turn in, enhancing the driving experience on whatever car its fitted to."

Niklas Jönsson - Product Manager, BSR

Published: 2014-11-14