Adhesive Aluminium Barrier Sheeting 60x60cm. Manufacturer product no.: FUNK-ADHSHT-6060

Adhesive Aluminium Barrier Sheeting 60x60cm


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Self Adhesive heat shield which can be easily shaped to provide the best heat protection on bulkheads, intake systems and exhaust insulation. This compressible 12mm thick Aluminium Heat Barrier product can comfortably protect your racecar or road application from both radiant and convectional heat transfer for continuous temperatures of over 600°C, with heat protection of flashes above 1200ºC. 

  • 30cm x 30cm (weighing just 208g)
  • 60cm x 60cm (weighing just 706g)

Article number: 1614FUNK-ADHSHT-6060

Manufacturer product no.: FUNK-ADHSHT-6060