2004 Most powerful car engine in the world - 655Hp BSR starts collaborating with Koenigsegg Automotive AB to further develop the engine of the CC8S model. After extensive development work, mainly with the fuel supply, the engine’s power output reaches 655Hp at 6700rpm. No other multiple produced private car engine has performed such a power output! The enormous power output causes some problems when the power shall be controlled according to the EEC 80/1267 norm. The problem is to find an engine dynamometer capable of handling the power. BSR gets hold of a Land & Sea engine dynamometer that can handle a power output of 1600Hp. The power output test is carried out under rigorous conditions. A Spanish test institute, INTA, supervises the test.


2005 Most powerful car engine in the world - 806Hp
The super sport car market demands even higher power output from sport cars! The Italian Ferrari has recently released its new top model Enzo with similar power output as the Koenigsegg CC8S – 660Hp. Christian von Koenigsegg (the man behind Koenigsegg) feels the pressure from Ferrari and forces the engineers of Koenigseggs and BSR to develop the most powerful multiple produced private car engine in the world ever! The result is Koenigsegg CCR with an 806Hp output. No car manufacturer has never succeeded in reaching such a high output ever, and still pass the strict European norms for exhaust conversion. Among other things the good result is reached by substantially reworking the intake system with dual compressors.

2005 Fastest car in the world - 388km/h
Koenigsegg decides to show the world what the new CCR is capable of. In January Koenigsegg and BSR’s technicians arrive to the Nardo track in southern Italy. The present world record of 387km/h was achieved by a McLaren F1 driven on a complete straight test course. Will it be possible to break the present world record on a circular track at all? (McLaren F1 "only" reached 376km/h on the circular Nardo track) Besides, there are rumours saying that the Ferrari Enzo "only" reaches 345km/h on the Nardo track. The whole test is supervised by BSR’s technician Mikael Edstrand. Only the slightest deviation in the important engine parameters could be fatal. After some minor adjustments on the chassis the legendary Loris Biccochi manages to reach 388km/h with a Koenigsegg CCR. With that, the present world record is pulverized!