Resultat Asphalt Remover K4 1L. Manufacturer product no.: 6710

Resultat Asphalt Remover K4 1L

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A powerful and effective cold degreaser developed for the Nordic climate. The degreaser is excellent for vehicles, engines but is also suitable for cleaning tools and small parts washing, for example in carousel washing. Also works well as a prewash agent for automatic car washing. The product is formulated to quickly dissolve tougher dirt such as oil, grease, asphalt, tar, oily road dirt, etc.

Resultat is the Swedish upcomming company with car care products with 40 years of experience in the industry. 

The brand has made itself synonymous with a large range of quality products. 

The product portfolio contains both milder cleaning and really tough car care products. 

Part of their strength is also that many products are available in small as well as larger packages - so there is something for everyone! 

Just like BSR, Resultat has chosen Växjö in Sweden for development and manufacturing.

Article number: 16526710

Manufacturer product no.: 6710