Pressure pipe Kit Volvo 2001-2007. Manufacturer product no.: Se produktblad 518700

Pressure pipe Kit Volvo 2001-2007


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This kit is for you with high horsepower goal and wants to upgrade to the absolute best! The pressure pipe has considerably better airflow than the stock pipe.

Custom made high quality silicone hoses. These hoses can handle very high temperature and pressure!
All parts in the package are of the highest quality and provide a guaranteed leak-free system that eliminates the risk of melting that the original system has. Very robust and reusable with extra outlet (34.8 mm) for blow-off valve on the pressure pipe. The package provides a significantly better airflow than what the original pipe offers.

BSR pressure pipes comes with all hardware necessary for installation:
Slicone hoses
Aluminium pipes
Hose clamps
Plug kit

This kit contains:
1x Aluminum Tube Ø63mm L=950
1x Aluminum Tube Ø70mm L=380 for sensor and blow off valve
1x Silicon Hose Ø56/70mm L170
1x Silicon Hose Ø51/63mm L170
1x Silicon Hose Ø55/63mm L=400
1x Silicon Hose Ø70/76mm L=340
1x Silicon Hose Ø51/63mm L80
1x Hose Clamp Kit 2,0" - 3,0"
1x Accesory Kit for Volvo Preassure Pipe Kit
Article number: 518700

Manufacturer product no.: Se produktblad 518700