LITE↯BLOX LBbike S – lightweight bike battery – scooter, quad, ATV, jetski, ski-doo, snowmobile. Manufacturer product no.: 053

LITE↯BLOX LBbike S – lightweight bike battery – scooter, quad, ATV, jetski, ski-doo, snowmobile


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Product info
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LBbike accumulator comes in a plastic housing with integrated BMS electronics in proven LITE↯BLOX quality and enables a plug’n’play replacement with the standard built-in starter battery in various applications with 2-stroke engines.


  • saves 6-9kg of weight compared to the standard battery
  • plug’n’play replacement for the OEM battery for use in smal sized 2-stroke / 4-stroke engines
  • maintenance-free due to BMS electronics with protection against misuse & overload (over / under voltage) Charger is required only for a very long service life with connected loads
  • use of the latest premium cell technology (A123 ANR26650M1B)
  • very low charging time (LiFePO4 battery cells)
  • marginal self-discharge when not in use


  • engines: 1-2 cylinder (100-400ccm)
  • recomended for: 50ccm, scooter, quad, ATV, jetski, ski-doo
  • only for applications without generator (max 10A charge current)!
  • not intended to be used in automotive applications!

Technical data

  • weight: 470g
  • dimensions: 110 x 38x 98mm (l x b x h)
  • voltage: 13,2V / 14,6V (nom / max)
  • capacity: 2,5Ah / 5-10Ah (nom / Pb-eq)
  • current: 20A / 150A (cont / peak @RT)
  • operation temperatur: 0 to +60°C
  • cycle life: >3x to the standard vehicle battery
  • terminals: M6 ring / SAE pole terminals
  • certificates: complies with directives 2001/95/EG, 2011/65/EU, 2006/66/EG, 2008/104/EU, UN38.3
  • Includes: LITE↯BLOX LBbike + terminal-screws M6 + instruction manual

Lightweight lithium starter battery for motorsport applications, which replaces the heavy lead acid car battery by less volume and minimum weight.

Article number: 1616-053

Manufacturer product no.: 053