LITE↯BLOX battery bracket Nissan GT-R. Manufacturer product no.: 024

LITE↯BLOX battery bracket Nissan GT-R


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(Delivery time: 3-5 workdays)

Lightweight carbon fibre bracket for the plug’n’play replacement of the LITE↯BLOX LB20XX / LB28XX for all Nissan GT-R R35 models.
The bracket saves approx. 300grams to the OEM bracket.

Materal plate: CFK (CF-EP)
Material terminals: V2A
Weight: 165g
Delivery scope: CFK-bracket + mounting material (screws aluminium M8)

Battery not included.

Lightweight lithium starter battery for motorsport applications, which replaces the heavy lead acid car battery by less volume and minimum weight.

Article number: 1616-024

Manufacturer product no.: 024