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Discover your full track driving potential with the Garmin Catalyst driving performance optimiser. For drivers of all levels, whether you're taking part in your first track day or a seasoned Pro competing in a national series, this industry-first “virtual coach” mounts in your cockpit — gathering performance data, giving real-time audible cues and offering immediate session analysis to show you key areas for improvement.

  • What’s my line? The true track positioning™ feature shows your racing line on the track.
  • Talk to me, coach. Get real-time audio cues from your headset or car stereo.
  • Garmin Catalyst tracks and compares to show if you’re ahead or behind previous lap time.
  • True optimal lap technology factors all performance data to show your best drivable time.
  • Make headway. Immediate data and adaptive suggestions show key areas for improvement.
  • After your session, instantly review your session stats on the 7-inch touchscreen. No computer needed.

Make the best of your time on the track.

  • True track positioning: This ground breaking technology uses 10 hz multi-GNSS positioning, image processing and built-in accelerometers to generate your racing line on the track.
  • On-track driving coach: On the track, Garmin Catalyst quickly becomes your real-time “virtual coach”, giving audio cues via Bluetooth technology from your headset or car stereo.
  • True optimal lap: This revolutionary technology combines your best times for each track segment, to show your optimum drivable time based on lines you actually drove and can repeat.
  • Apex performance: Which line should you track when ripping around corners? See on the map how early or late apex decisions affect your overall speed through the course.
  • Real-time lap data: On the course Garmin Catalyst keeps track of your best lap time, adaptive delta time, number of laps and total session time.
  • Mounts in the cockpit: Secure Garmin Catalyst inside the cockpit using the included heavy-duty suction cup or the included screw down mount.

See how you did — and where you could do better.

  • See areas of gain: After your session, immediately review the performance data on your device to see where on the track your biggest areas for improvement are.
  • Automatic interpretation: Garmin Catalyst crunches the numbers. So there’s no need to download data to your computer — and no cumbersome graphs with squiggly lines that leave you trying to analyse data for hours.
  • Adaptive coaching: Easily compare performance data from your other sessions, and get immediate, adaptive suggestions to see areas where you can do better.
  • Track database: Garmin Catalyst comes preloaded with a track database featuring road courses from around the world. Garmin Catalyst allows users to easily add courses to the database as well.
  • Remote camera: The included remote cam captures clear, crisp HD video, which can be played back on the device with time-synced overlays showing speed, lap data and more.
  • Data on demand: Review in-depth performance data on your 7” Garmin Catalyst device, or access a summary of your data on your mobile device or computer using Garmin connect™ app.

Included in the box: Garmin Catalyst, 32GB microSD pre-installed under covered compartment; auxiliary card slot on the side of the Catalyst device is externally accessible for memory expansion in bracket, Remote Cam with polarised lens cover, Remote Cam 3.5 metre cable, Heavy-duty vehicle suction cup, Powered magnetic mount, 1-inch connecting arm (2x), 1-inch arm connector, Cable clips, Vehicle power cable, Documentation. Included optional accessories: 1-inch ball adapter screw down mount, USB data cable, 12V bare wire vehicle power cable, Additional Remote Cam adhesive.

Article number: 1637-010-02345-10

Manufacturer product no.: 010-02345-10