Powerbank / flashlight. Manufacturer product no.: P324.711

Powerbank / flashlight


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Powerbank / flashlight

More power to your device! BSR's combined powerbank and flashlight is a smart thing to have within reach in the car. If an emergency situation appear you will always have power for a phone call and a light source to find in the dark.

The casing is made in anodized, black, aluminium with a lazer etched logo, giving it a solid feel and makeing it withstand rough treatment. It's compact and easy to carry and charged with the boundled USB cord. A unit is charged with the same USB cord and the included carabiner makes it easy to keep in place. Thanks to its compact shape its easy to fit in a poket and the LEDbulb gives a bright light even though the product is small.


Technichal specification:



Input: 5V/0.8A

output: 5V/1A

Article number: 800100

Manufacturer product no.: P324.711