Turtle Wax Extreme Prewash- T  1L Degreaser. Manufacturer product no.: 260

Turtle Wax Extreme Prewash- T 1L Degreaser

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Turtle Wax Extreme Prewash- T  1L 

 A unique product that replaces the traditional cold-degreasing. Prewashing is made with superior results.  Effectively dissolves the salt, tar and other tough dirt before the car wash.  Turtle Prewash- T sticks to the surface without drain or evaporate from the surface. 

Operating instructions 

1: Shake the bottle before trials and sprya on the dry surface. 

2: Leave for 2-5 minutes depending on the degree of soiling. 

 3: Rinse with water. 

 4: If necessary, wash with car shampoo. 

To consider 

 - Do not apply on hot surfaces. 
- Exercise caution on plastic and rubber surfaces and repainted surfaces. 
- If in doubt, test first on a small area.

Article number: 66h260

Manufacturer product no.: 260