Silicon Velcro Heat Sleeve Black. Manufacturer product no.: FUNK-BLKSL-

Silicon Velcro Heat Sleeve Black


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Product info
Black silicone velcro heat sleeve provides constant protection and will self-extinguish. With a Black silicon finish, resistance against oil, fuel and other fluid contamination, this product will provide a longer lifespan for components alongside an aesthetic design. Created using combinations of market leading materials to product heat of up to 260°C, with heat flashes of up to 1200°C, this is the perfect sleeve for areas that are subject to rapid changes in temperature. It is the perfect choice for components that require heat protection to ensure reliability and maximum performance. Possible applications include: oil lines, fuel lines and wiring looms, which are all in close proximity to high temperature sources like exhaust manifolds and turbos.

Manufacturer product no.: FUNK-BLKSL-