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Performance air filter


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A sport air filter ramps up performance, gives better airflow to the engine and a sportier sound to your engine. Regardless if you tune your car with any of our other products, it is a great enhancement to kick up more power. BSR’s sport air filter Optiflow is specially developed to give optimal air flow, combined with a shielding system that deflects radiant heat from the engine, creates a patented system for engine ventilation. BSR unique sport air filter system Optiflow™ is developed and patented by BSR. Each Optiflowproduct developed uniquely for the car model and engine options as it relates to and is fully adapted to the unique engine compartment. The system ensures "cold" and oxygen-rich air to the engine by shielding the engine's heat radiation and lead into the air against the filter. Optiflow™ consists of a sport air filter and a shielding shield that gives quicker throttle response and a sporty impression.

333 X 216mm

BSR sport air filters increase the engine power with 3-4Hp. The air filter has a lower air resistance than a standard filter. Generally the engine runs up faster and responds faster than with a standard filter. When the car is tuned it?s sometimes necessary to change to a sport air filter because the engine requires more air at full charge.

The material
The filter material consists of a unique cotton fabric giving the best combination of low air resistance, efficient filtration and long durability. On both sides of the pleated cotton fabric there is a steel net to strengthen the filter and to prevent that the filter is sucked into the engine. The filter is sealed by soft edges made of polur ethane. The filters are washable and if you maintain them properly they will last the entire life of the car.

It is very important to follow the Maintenance Instructions for Sport Air Filter.
It must be cleaned and oiled at least every 10 000 - 15 000 km, depending on season and road type.

BSR has chosen to offer air filters from JR. The quality of the filters is very high and the company has received the certificates of ISO 9001.

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