Optiflow Filter System

Optiflow Filter System


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Optiflow™ is BSR’s very own developed and patented sport air filter system. Each Optiflow product is created uniquely for the specific car model and is fully adapted to the unique engine compartment. The system supplies "cold" and oxygen-rich air to the engine by diverting the engine's heat radiation and redirecting the air towards the filter. Optiflow™ consists of a sport air filter and a shield that gives quicker throttle response and a sporty feel.

The BSR Optiflow Filter kit consists of an open air filter and a custom-made shield, including all installation parts.
The advantages of the Optiflow filter are:
- The Sports Filter with low air resistance, gives quicker throttle response
- Ensures supply of cold and oxygen rich air
- Sporty intake sound, especially noticeable during acceleration (can be heard inside vehicle)
- Sporty engine compartment
- Washable filter components (cotton fabric)

The shield plate is made in Sweden from stainless steel and paint-sprayed black

It is very important to follow the Maintenance Instructions for Sport Air Filter.
It must be cleaned and oiled at least every 10 000 - 15 000 km, depending on season and road type.

This kit contains:
1x 490320 Heat shield
1x 4903201 Silicon hose
1x 4903202 Intake pipe
1x 47170093 Air filter
1x 490022 Mounting kit OptiFlow
Article number: 4900320