Öhlins Road & Track

Öhlins Road & Track

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Since the 70s Öhlins has been a force to be reckoned with, and has been the top choice for teams competing in Superbike, Nascar, Formula 1 and Le Mans. Through a partnership with Öhlins, BSR can offer a car handling system of absolute highest quality, developed to perform in motorsports and for serious enthusiasts. In our webshop, you’ll find completely customizeable car handling kits for use on both the track and on the road.

Öhlins Road & Track

DFV (Dual Flow Valve)
Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227)
2 year Limited Warranty

McPherson Strut
Coil Springs (rate 100N/mm)
Height adjuster (approx. 20mm lower than standard)
Single bleed adjuster

Conventional Shock Absorber
Coil Springs (rate 40N/mm)
Spring preload adjuster (approx. 15mm lower than standard)
Single bleed adjuster

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Öhlins Road & Track is designed to improve the performance and comfort of your car.
With the Öhlins DNA featured everywhere in these products, it’s the must have upgrade for your car. It currently features over 25 applications and more are coming.

Article number: 217MASMP00