Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit VW BORA ESTATE (1J6) 1.6 FSi. Manufacturer product no.: E1540-321

Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit VW BORA ESTATE (1J6) 1.6 FSi


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VW BORA ESTATE (1J6) 1.6 FSi 1999 - 2005

05.99 - 05.05
Size front: 22 mm
Size rear:
Adjustable front: not adjustable

- Without levelling control.
- Except vehicles with 4WD.
- In combination with Eibach suspension springs or original suspension.

TÜV-approval: E1540-321.pdf

Fitting instructions: M1540030.pdf

- Reduction of body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction.
- Perfectly balanced for optimum turning and steering response.
- Developed and calibrated for the Pro-Kit and Sportline springs.
- Cold-shaped, tempered and sandblasted presicion steel for extra life and durability.
- Greasable bushings.
- Precision Pressed, OEM-like, bushing mounts (no welding or weak points).
- Reduces the weight difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve.
- Affects understeer and oversteer tendencies in a positive way (automatically controlling behavior).
- 5 year warranty.

Article number: 215E1540-321

Manufacturer product no.: E1540-321