BMW M3 E30 Coolant hoses Black BMW 3-series E30 M3. Manufacturer product no.: do88-kit130S

BMW M3 E30 Coolant hoses Black BMW 3-series E30 M3


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BMW 3-series E30 M3 1986 - 1991

Fits:BMW M3
Year models: 1986-1992
Engine: 2302 cm³ / 2467 cm³
Engine code: S14B23 / 195hk
                     S14B23 Evo II / 217hk
                     S14B25 Evo III / 235hk
Chassi: E30
Hoses included:- Coolant pipe to radiator
  OEM ref 11531309680

- Thermostat housing to radiator
  OEM ref 11531309668

- Thermostat housing to water pipe and coolant pipe
  OEM ref 11531309669

- Heater inlet
  OEM ref 64211370807

- Heater outlet
  OEM ref 64211381541

- Heater outlet
  OEM ref 64211374908

- Expansion tank to coolant pipe
  OEM ref 11531309667

- Thermostat housing to coolant pipe
  OEM ref 11531309670

- Water pump to coolant pipe
  OEM ref 11531266472

- Expansion tank to bleed pipe
  OEM ref 17112225399

- Bleed pipe to cylinder head
  OEM ref 13311308897

- Hose for extra heater thermostat
  OEM ref 64218367834

- Radiator to bleed pipe
  OEM ref 17121712736

- Expansion tank to bleed pipe
  OEM ref 17121712736
Material:High quality silicone reinforced with 3-4 layer polyester fabric

A hose kit developed by do88 to replace the OEM radiator / cooling system hoses. This is an stronger alternative to OEM hoses! Our hoses have 3 or 4 PLY reinforcement depending on inner diameter compared to OEM hoses that mostly have 1 PLY reinforcement. Another advantage of our hoses are the silicone material that withstands high temperature for long time. This makes our hosekits a terrific upgrade if your original hoses starts to crack from age or maybe you use your car in a way that the original hoses where not designed for. This hose kit is available in three different colors Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car. Kit with matching hose clamps you find under "Accessories", Hoseclamp kit do88-kit130. All part numbers from the vehicle manufacturer are only stated as reference.

Article number: 522do88-kit130S

Manufacturer product no.: do88-kit130S