Castrol ATF Multivehicle 1L

Castrol ATF Multivehicle 1L

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Castrol ATF Multivehicle
Multivehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid

Castrol ATF Multivehicle is an automatic transmission fluid for use in most Japanese passenger cars which typically have higher anti-shudder performance requirements than European or US designed automatic transmissions.
It was designed to meet the Japanese Automobile Standards Organisation performance needs (JASO 1A) which is recognised
by most Japanese Automobile Manufacturers.

Castrol ATF Multivehicle is based on latest high performance additive technology in high quality base stocks to ensure:

* Exceptional high temperature protection to effectively resist fluid oxidation (excellent viscosity stability)
* Enhanced friction durability for smooth transmission performance to control transmission shudder
* Superb low temperature fluidity for cold weather shifting

Volume: 1L

Article number: 66C14FFCF