3" Downpipe


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BSR’s downpipe is designed to complement our Sport Flow™ system and give added effect. They are made of stainless steel quality, and meet the requirements for maximum performance and durability. The downpipes are used in combination with the BSR Sport Flow™ and our specially developed stage 3 software.
3" downpipe with integrated sport cat Material: Non-corrosive

BSR sport exhaust systems meet the demands for best performance and durability.

Turbo Downpipe
For some turbo vehicles the BSR 3 "downpipe with sports cat will give further power benefits through opportunities for wider and higher boost pressure.
BSR down pipe must be combined with the BSR sport system and BSR Stage 3 software.

Warranty: 12 months

This kit contains:
1x 418709 3" Downpipe/cat S/V 70, S60 99
1x 418712 Adapterpipe V 70 01>
1x 418713 Attachment Downpipe S/V 60, 70
1x 418716 Exhaust gasket S40 V50 T5
1x 41708010 Band brace 3”
4x 4170202 Lambda plug M18
1x 418717 Exhaust gasket S60/V70N T5
3x 4100049 Exhaust nut M8
Article number: 4108719