The webshop grooooows!

The webshop keeps on growing even mooore!

Our webshop keeps on growing day by day. We now offer the best brakes the market have to offer, headlights and illumination of all kinds and state of the art battery chargers. For brakes, we have chosen to cooperate with the worlds biggest producer – EBC, to be able to offer as wide a range as possible. By adding more than 7300 items we can now supply more than 100 000 car combinations with the best quality brakes. For headlights and illumination we have started cooperation with market leader – Osram. Through this partnership we can offer a range of headlights, exterior-, interior- and styling illumination that are hard to beat. Even our supplier on battery chargers – Ctek, are pioneers in the market. Their innovative battery chargers are constantly proven, in independent tests, to be some of the best in the world.

Published: 2015-01-29

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