Its been a while since the big scandal that revealed a huge and systematic fraud with emission tests on Volkswagen´s diesel cars. A lot have happend since then and the developement by VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda & Seat) to get everything straight is still ongoing and that is why they are releasing a lot of software updates at the moment. However, to get this right and keep the driving experience as it was through software changes has turned out to be close to impossible and a lot of VW´s customers are very disappointed. The perception is that the new softwares has a negative impact on the performance and driving experience. This is why we recommend car owners that are affected to wait with any updates until VAG releases a software which doesn´t have a negative impact on the cars driving experience.

If you want more information we recommend you to stay updated via trusted online forums and other communication chanels where consumers evaluate released software updates. Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld has investigated and written a lot about this:


BSR´s software are always based on the software version that the car had when it was tuned and are not downgraded to older versions. 

Published: 2017-07-10